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Well, my dad has found out my mom is gay. I don't know why or how, but he knows.
I sent my stepmom a mother's day card and apparantly she had tears in her eyes when she got it. I'm kind of glad, I sent it because I know that she had been making a major effort to get along with me lately, more than ever in the four years she has been around.
I just chugged a half bottle of laxatives and a six pack of beer, but other than that things are going pretty damn good.

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My worst nightmare came true yesterday. I got kicked out of inpatient.
I am apparantly not motivated enough.
So I give up. I can't fucking try anything else. That's that.

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I am considering submitting a paper to the undergraduate history conference, but I am terrified.
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Somebody read and lemme know, honestly.
I got a B+ on this but it was top three in the class and the prof is the hardest marker ever

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I was in the grocery store with my roomate the other day, and we both noticed one of the tabloid covers commenting on Mary Kate's skinniness.
I said "She does look really skinny"
She says "Well she looks better that way, she would look horrible if she was any heavier"
We open magazine to pictures of MK when she was very ill, and roomate says "She looks the best at that weight."
She didn't care that she was so sick she was probably falling over. SHe didn't think that the fact that she was ill mattered. She still thought that she looked better when she was malnourished and starved.

i damn near smacked her. then i damn near burst into tears because i am so fat and will never have the *willpower* to be skinny again.
i'm just a fat old laxative abusing bipolar bulimic without a chance in hell.

These are hilarious

Early Fad Diets: Belly Laughs
Ever heard of Slimming Soap? The Cigarette Diet? or the Hay Diet? All of these fads are consigned to history, but they sure provide some laughs.

1925: The Cigarette Diet
In the age before tobacco advertising restrictions, several cigarette companies hailed the appetite-suppressing qualities of their products. One ad for Lucky Strikes urged smokers to "Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet."

Early 1930s: Slimming Soap
Just in case you thought late-night TV gave birth to the craziest diet products, slimming soaps were the rage in the 1930s, with products like "Fatoff" and "La Mar Reducing Soap" that were nothing more than hand soap laden with potassium chloride and other impurities.

Early 1930s: The Hay Diet
Unfortunately, the Hay Diet, a Depression Era rage, didn't allow followers to eat like a horse without gaining weight. Dr. William Hay — who developed his diet philosophy to cope with his own high blood pressure — was the first to promote the virtues of separating your food, arguing that the human body couldn't adequately cope with combinations of proteins and starches at the same time, and warned of "digestive explosion."

Several miracle diets in the decades to come bore similarities to Hay's oft-debated theory of "harmonized food selection," including Judy Mazel's "New Beverly Hills Diet."

What's astonishing is that the "New Beverly Hills Diet" (1996) continues to sell, and has even spawned it's own follow-on recipe book.